Pledre Incubator Program

Pledre Incubator Program

We are looking for virtual schools with the potential to change the learning status quo.


Africa has many skilled professionals across diverse industries; all making impact in their respective fields. Often, these professionals want to teach beginners and enthusiasts their skills but lack access to a reputable platform to start their online school.

The virtual schools incubator program is to assist skilled individuals and organizations start an online school for free and reach student across the world from the comfort of their house.

Who is it for?

This incubator program is for you if you plan to teach your skills online in a structured and secure platform. Also, if the complexities of switching between different platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, WhatsApp and Gmail; managing payments is a challenge for you, you should apply for this incubator program. If being present at weekly live sessions all the time is too demanding for you, then you should apply for the incubator program to start your online school.

Also, if you’re an authority in a knowledge domain and want to extend this knowledge to folks interested in learning but lack the resources to start a virtual school or don’t know how to, then, this is for you!


This incubator program is open to all skilled professionals who want to start an online school to teach their expertise. At Pledre, our goal is to assit professionals teach their skills online to millions of students across the world.

The ideal participants of the incubator program should be self-starters who are dedicated to growing successful online schools.

Application criteria:

- All applicants must be skilled in one or more niches.
- Ability to dedicate 3-5 hours weekly to different live sessions with mentors and experts.
- Applicants must be ready to launch their own virtual schools during the incubator program, with the unlimited support they will receive to achieve successful virtual schools.
- You must have had years of cognate experience with your skills.
- The applicant is preferably above the age of 18 and, if not, can demonstrate openness to learning and coachability.


- Get up to $500 worth of support to launch your online academy.
- Learn growth strategies through collaboration with successful virtual schools in different niches.
- Executive coaching and business mentorship.
- Lifetime support and access to niche expert network




June 07, 2022




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We strongly believe that we can educate the world by providing platforms that allow teachers and students to interact across borders irrespective of location

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